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    Access Price and Vertical Control Policies for a Vertically Integrated Upstream Monopolist when Sabotage is Costly [1]
    Accounting for Fluctuations in Social Network Usage and Migration Dynamics [1]
    Alternative Bayesian Estimators for Vector-Autoregressive Models [1]
    American socialism and syndicalism [1]
    An analysis of income distribution effects of a gasoline tax: evidence from the U.S. micro-level data [1]
    An analysis of production costs and applications high cost of living and panics and depressions [1]
    Analysis of residential housing markets in large U.S. metropolitan areas [1]
    The association between raising grandchildren and grandparent caregiver marital relationships [1]
    Asymmetric Information and Bank Runs [1]
    Auctioning the Right to Choose When Competition Persists [1]
    Bayesian Estimator of Vector-Autoregressive Model Under the Entropy Loss [1]
    Behavioral Foundations for Conditional Markov Models of Aggregate Data [1]
    Brand Familiarity and Product Knowledge in Customization [1]
    Campaign Finance Laws and Political Efficacy: Evidence From the States [1]
    The case against teacher certification [1]
    Cointegrating Regressions with Messy Regressors: Missingness, Mixed Frequency, and Measurement Error [1]
    Competing for Customers' Attention: Advertising When Consumers Have Imperfect Memory [1]
    Competing or Collaborating Siblings? Industrial and Trade Policies in India [1]
    Competitive Effects of Mass Customization [1]
    Coyote Crossings: The Role of Smugglers in Illegal Immigration and Border Enforcement [1]