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    Market-Based Reform of Teacher Compensation [1]
    A Measure of Media Bias [1]
    (Mis-) Measuring the Relative Pay of Public School Teachers [1]
    Missouri historical tax summary 1970-2012 [1]
    Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, and the Inflation Tax: Equivalence Results [1]
    Neckties in the Tropics: A Model of International Trade and Cultural Diversity [1]
    New Estimates of Public Employment and Training Program Net Impacts: A Nonexperimental Evaluation of the Workforce Investment Act Program [1]
    A Nonlinear IV Likelihood-Based Rank Test for Multivariate Time Series and Long Panels [1]
    Nonlinearity, Nonstationarity, and Thick Tails: How They Interact to Generate Persistency in Memory [1]
    On Fed Watching and Central Bank Transparency [1]
    On the Licensing of Innovations under Strategic Delegation [1]
    On Welfare under Cournot and Bertrand Competition in Differentiated Oligopolies [1]
    Optimality of the Friedman rule in overlapping generations model with spatial separation [1]
    Peaks, Cliffs, and Valleys: The Peculiar Incentives in Teacher Retirement Systems and Their Consequences for School Staffing [1]
    Personnel Policy in Traditional Public, Private, and Charter Schools [1]
    Population Movements in the Presence of Agglomeration and Congestion Effects: Local Policy and the Social Optimum [1]
    The Precautionary Premium and the Risk-Downside Risk Tradeoff [1]
    Price Experimentation with Strategic Buyers [1]
    Price Uncertainty and Consumer Welfare in an Intertemporal Setting [1]
    Race, Bureaucratic Discretion, and the Implementation of Welfare Reform [1]