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    Neckties in the Tropics: A Model of International Trade and Cultural Diversity
    Network goods, piracy, and firm strategies in the global economy
    Networks, Standards and Intellectual Property Rights
    New Estimates of Public Employment and Training Program Net Impacts: A Nonexperimental Evaluation of the Workforce Investment Act Program
    Noninformative Priors and Frequentist Risks of Bayesian Estimators of Vector-Autoregressive Models
    A Nonlinear IV Likelihood-Based Rank Test for Multivariate Time Series and Long Panels
    Nonlinearity, Nonstationarity, and Thick Tails: How They Interact to Generate Persistency in Memory
    Oil price shocks and stock market behavior: empirical evidence for the U.S. and European Countries
    On Fed Watching and Central Bank Transparency
    On the Licensing of Innovations under Strategic Delegation
    On the Use of the Inflation Tax when Non-Distortionary Taxes are Available
    On Welfare under Cournot and Bertrand Competition in Differentiated Oligopolies
    On- and off-balance sheet credit risk and capital in U.S. banks: evidence of unbalanced panel data
    Optimal Commodity Taxation When Land and Structures Must Be Taxed at the Same Rate
    Optimality of the Friedman rule in overlapping generations model with spatial separation
    Peaks, Cliffs, and Valleys: The Peculiar Incentives in Teacher Retirement Systems and Their Consequences for School Staffing
    Personnel Policy in Traditional Public, Private, and Charter Schools
    Population Movements in the Presence of Agglomeration and Congestion Effects: Local Policy and the Social Optimum
    The Precautionary Premium and the Risk-Downside Risk Tradeoff
    Price Experimentation with Strategic Buyers