This collection contains the published works of the faculty, staff, and students of MU's Department of English. Items may contain more than one file type.

Recent Submissions

  • Parameterizing Case and Activity: Hyper-raising in Bantu 

    Carstens, Vicki; Diercks, Michael (2009)
    Case theory has long played a crucial role in explaining the distribution of nominal expressions. Raising constructions are a well-established case in point (Chomsky 1981, George & Kornfilt 1981, Chomsky 2000, Chomsky ...
  • Hyperactivity and Hyperagreement in Bantu 

    Carstens, Vicki (2011)
    Many Bantu languages exhibit A-movements and patterns of iterating agreement that are disallowed in Indo-European languages. In Minimalist theory, both agreement and movement are constrained by an Activity requirement ...
  • Situated Writing Workshops: Putting Writing Advice in Context 

    Patton, Martha Davis,1952- (The Writing Instructor, 2004)
    Even the most brilliant of college teachers can absorb only so much writing theory in a two- or three-day writing-in-the-disciplines workshop. The faculty who register for our writing workshops are typically committed to ...
  • The Circulation of Poetry in the Eighteenth Century: The Case of Charles Plumptre's Manuscript Volume 

    Justice, George (Folger Shakespeare Library, 2005)
    On September 7, 1728 Charles Plumptre began a manuscript miscellany book of poetry, A Collection of Poems by Several Hands (Folger MS M.a.104). Much of what Plumptre carefully copies is light verse of the kind that might ...
  • Lazy Susan 

    Lewis, Trudy (Trudy L.) (University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee, 2008)
  • Manlius to Peter Pindar: Satire, Patriotism, and Masculinity in the 1790s 

    Heringman, Noah (Romantic Circles Praxis Series, 2006)
    This essay examines the political satires of John Wolcot (alias Peter Pindar) in the context of the numerous patriotic attacks on their author between 1787 and 1801. Wolcot's satires on George III met with ferocious, ...
  • The Vocabulary-Management Profile: Two Stories by William Faulkner 

    Youmans, Gilbert (1994)
    The Vocabulary-Management Profile (VMP) is a graph of the moving average of the number of new vocabulary words introduced over successive intervals of text. Peaks and valleys on the VMP correlate closely with narrative ...
  • A New Tool for Discourse Analysis: The Vocabulary-Management Profile 

    Youmans, Gilbert (1991)
    A Turbo Pascal program is used to generate vocabulary management profiles (VMPs). The program counts the new vocabulary words introduced into a text over successive thirty-five-word intervals, and these numbers are then ...
  • Measuring Lexical Style and Competence: The Type-Token Vocabulary Curve 

    Youmans, Gilbert (Northern Illinois University, 1990)
    A personal computer is used to analyze samples from literary texts by thirteen different authors, including passages from Genesis, Hemingway, Longfellow, Jane Austen, Henry James, George Eliot, James Joyce, and Basic ...