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    Agent-based modeling of seasonal population movement and the spread of the 1918-1919 flu: the effect on a small community
    Agent-based modeling of the spread of the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu in three Canadian fur trading communities
    Alloparental care in two societies : who helps and in what circumstances
    An analysis of mammalian taxonomic diversity and domposition of early Paleoindian zooarchaeological assemblages in the United States
    An analysis of the 1875-1877 scarlet fever epidemic of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
    Anatomical refitting using metric comparison on white tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) and mule deer (odocoileus hemionus)
    The application of phytolith and starch grain analysis to understanding formative period subsistence, ritual, and trade on the Taraco Pennisula, Highland Bolivia
    Applied paleozoology and biogeography : four case studies from Missouri
    Assessing "lithic sound" to predict a rock's ease of flaking
    Bioarchaeología: Estudios de salud/dieta por families a dentro de estudios de individuos hasta poblaciones
    A biological distance study of Steed-Kisker origins
    The birth and adoption of kinship: Folklore and fakelore in the context of nation-states and world religions
    Budgeting charity : a historical perspective on the Kansas Orphans' Home
    Built to measure : reconstructing an ancient measurement system from extant architecture at Casas Grandes
    Capitular morphology in primates and fossils: 3-D measurements of the capitulum and possible implications for reconstructing locomotor adaptations in fossil primates
    Chemical compositional analysis of polychrome pottery in the northern Casas Grandes area (a.d. 1200-1450)
    Childhood epidemics and the demographic landscape of the Aland Archipelago
    Colonial Churches as Astronomical Instruments in San Cristóbal de las Casas: Informe Preliminár—Archivos de la Catedrál
    A comparison of Nebo Hill and Sedalia points
    Cut mark pattern differentiation between the lower Paleolithic and the Holocene and its implications