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    Porous spheres : direct observation of public social encounters in a small midwestern town
    Pottery production at Fort Hill (27CH85) a seventeenth-century refugee community in northern New England
    Prehispanic agriculture and climate on the Pacific slope of Guatemala
    The prevalence of extra-lethal violence across cultures in warfare
    Proyecto Buena Vista 2002-2005: El Templo Mas Antiguo del Mundo y Las Primeras Esculturas Preceramicas
    Proyecto de investigaciones arqueológicas en Buena Vista, Valle del Chillón
    Queen Anne's revenge : a systems analysis of Blackbeard's flagship
    Reconstructing activity patterns in prehistoric Jomon people using long bone cross-sectional geometry
    Russian old believers in Alaska : linguistic and cultural continuity of traditionalist refugees
    Self-assembled peptide nanostructures for electrical, optical, and magnetic applications
    "Send only your serious cases" : delivering flu to Toronto: an anthropological analysis of the 1918-19 influenza epidemic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Simulating prehistoric population dynamics and adaptive behavioral responses to the environment in Long House Valley and Black Mesa, Arizona
    The social economics of organic production in Columbia's Farmer's Market
    Social perceptions of speech : a study of student awareness of standard American English and one rural Missouri variant
    Spanish flu in St. Louis, Missouri : a demographic analysis
    Spectropolarimetric constraints on interstellar grain models
    The Spoon Toe Site (11MG179): Middle Woodland gardening in the lower Illinois River Valley
    Stone tool production in the Medio periphery : analysis of debitage from the 76 draw site (LA 156980)
    A stroll through the park: evaluating the usefulness of phytolith and starch remains found on medieval sherds from Wicken, Northamptonshire, England
    Structural and chemical characterization of modified graphenes for hydrogen storage