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    Gender, ethnicity, infrastructure, and the use of financial institutions in Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia
    Genetic and maternal effects on neonatal survival in the western lowland gorilla
    A geochemical look at obsidian procurement and exchange in the Medio period world : A case study 76 Draw (LA 156980)
    A geometric morphometric approach to Casas Grandes ceramic specialization
    Habitual postures of the Medio Period Casas Grandes People : a comparison of visual representations and skeletal markers
    Habitual subsistence practices among prehistoric Andean populations: fishers and farmers
    The identification of prehistoric Amazonian slash-and-burn cultivation practices using agent-based modeling
    Imitation, emulation and the transmission of culture
    Intrinsic properties of bone as predictors of differential survivorship
    Is 2d:4d a stable trait during child development?
    Kin and community : tradition maintenance and the economic self-sufficiency of refugees in a Midwestern town
    Land inheritance and gender : social factors affecting land inherited in rural Bangladesh
    Late woodland cultural adaptations in the lower Missouri River valley : archery, warfare, and the rise of complexity
    Life in the late Intermediate Period at Armatambo, Peru
    Longitudinal assessment of age-related change in the dental pulp chamber and age estimation using dental radiographs
    Lumbosacral transitional vertebrae: classification of variation and association with low back pain
    Maori moko : a costly signal?
    “Maybe” Should Be a Choice in “Yes-No” Questionnaires
    Merchant mothers and fishermen fathers : parental investment and subsistence work among the boat-dwelling Shodagor of rural Bangladesh
    Mid-Holocene climate change in three cave sites from central Missouri from mammalian body mass distributions