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    Kin and community : tradition maintenance and the economic self-sufficiency of refugees in a Midwestern town
    Land inheritance and gender : social factors affecting land inherited in rural Bangladesh
    Late woodland cultural adaptations in the lower Missouri River valley : archery, warfare, and the rise of complexity
    Life in the late Intermediate Period at Armatambo, Peru
    Longitudinal assessment of age-related change in the dental pulp chamber and age estimation using dental radiographs
    Lumbosacral transitional vertebrae: classification of variation and association with low back pain
    Maori moko : a costly signal?
    “Maybe” Should Be a Choice in “Yes-No” Questionnaires
    Merchant mothers and fishermen fathers : parental investment and subsistence work among the boat-dwelling Shodagor of rural Bangladesh
    Mid-Holocene climate change in three cave sites from central Missouri from mammalian body mass distributions
    Middle and late woodland period cultural transmission, residential mobility, and aggregation in the deep South
    Mitochondrial ancient DNA analysis of Lawson cave black bears (Ursus americanus)
    Modeling the spread of the 1918 Influenza pandemic in a Newfoundland community
    Neutron scattering studies of water diffusion near the interface of model cell membranes
    New World Colonial Churches that Function as Astronomical Instruments
    The north smelter at Titelberg: post-imperial bronze recycling in Belgic Gaul
    Obsidian source distribution and mercantile hierarchies in Postclassic Aztatlán, West Mexico
    Obsidian source frequencies as a social attribute at San Felipe Aztatan, Mexico
    Paleodemographic modeling in the lower Mississippi River Valley
    Paleoethnobotany of Buena Vista: a case study of ritual feasting in late Preceramic Peru