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    Bioarchaeología: Estudios de salud/dieta por families a dentro de estudios de individuos hasta poblaciones [1]
    A biological distance study of Steed-Kisker origins [1]
    Budgeting charity: a historical perspective on the Kansas Orphans' Home [1]
    Built to measure: reconstructing an ancient measurement system from extant architecture at Casas Grandes [1]
    Capitular morphology in primates and fossils: 3-D measurements of the capitulum and possible implications for reconstructing locomotor adaptations in fossil primates [1]
    Colonial Churches as Astronomical Instruments in San Cristóbal de las Casas: Informe Preliminár—Archivos de la Catedrál [1]
    Definición de la Astrononomica Temprana del Sitio de Buena Vista [1]
    Determining the relations between canine crown height and root basal diameters and root length: implications for the hominin fossil record [1]
    Diet, subsistence and health: a bioarchaeological analysis of Chongos, Perú [1]
    Dietary analysis of archaeological hair samples from Peru [1]
    Dimensions of nursing home care: perspectives of patients, family members, and care providers [1]
    A Diocletianic Roman castellum in its local context: a final report of the 2001 Da'janiya survey [1]
    A Diocletianic Roman castellum of the Limes Arabicus in its local context: a final report of the 2001 Da'janiya survey [1]
    Establishing the perimortem interval: correlation between bone moisture content and blunt force trauma characters [1]
    Estimation of adult skeletal age-at-death using the Sugeno fuzzy integral [1]
    Evolution and religion: theory, definitions, and the natural selection of religious behavior [1]
    The evolution of sex difference in tool use [1]
    The eyes of the world are upon us: the role of visual images in the fight over Alberta's oil sands [1]
    Father absence, paternal investment, and alloparental investment effects on children's educational attainment in rural Bangladesh [1]
    Functional morphology of the anthropoid talocrural joint [1]