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    New World Colonial Churches that Function as Astronomical Instruments [1]
    The north smelter at Titelberg: post-imperial bronze recycling in Belgic Gaul [1]
    Obsidian source frequencies as a social attribute at San Felipe Aztatan, Mexico [1]
    Paleoethnobotany of Buena Vista: a case study of ritual feasting in late Preceramic Peru [1]
    Paleozoological stable isotope data for modern management of historically extirpated Missouri black bears (Ursus americanus) [1]
    Partible paternity and human reproductive behavior [1]
    Patterns of local mobility in an Iban community of West Kalimantan, Indonesia [1]
    Personal Epistemology [1]
    Population history at the microscale: craniometrics of the Cayo Santiago macaques [1]
    Porous Spheres: Direct Observation of Public Social Encounters in a Small Midwestern Town [1]
    Pottery production at Fort Hill (27CH85) a seventeenth-century refugee community in northern New England [1]
    Prehispanic agriculture and climate on the Pacific slope of Guatemala [1]
    Proyecto Buena Vista 2002-2005: El Templo Mas Antiguo del Mundo y Las Primeras Esculturas Preceramicas [1]
    Proyecto de investigaciones arqueológicas en Buena Vista, Valle del Chillón [1]
    Reconstructing activity patterns in prehistoric Jomon people using long bone cross-sectional geometry [1]
    "Send only your serious cases"--delivering flu to Toronto: an anthropological analysis of the 1918-19 influenza epidemic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada [1]
    The social economics of organic production in Columbia's Farmer's Market [1]
    Social perceptions of speech: a study of student awareness of standard American English and one rural Missouri variant [1]
    Spanish flu in St. Louis, Missouri : a demographic analysis [1]
    The Spoon Toe Site (11MG179): Middle Woodland gardening in the lower Illinois River Valley [1]