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    Proyecto Buena Vista 2002-2005: El Templo Mas Antiguo del Mundo y Las Primeras Esculturas Preceramicas
    Proyecto de investigaciones arqueológicas en Buena Vista, Valle del Chillón
    Reconstructing activity patterns in prehistoric Jomon people using long bone cross-sectional geometry
    Russian old believers in Alaska : linguistic and cultural continuity of traditionalist refugees
    "Send only your serious cases"--delivering flu to Toronto: an anthropological analysis of the 1918-19 influenza epidemic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    The social economics of organic production in Columbia's Farmer's Market
    Social perceptions of speech: a study of student awareness of standard American English and one rural Missouri variant
    Spanish flu in St. Louis, Missouri : a demographic analysis
    The Spoon Toe Site (11MG179): Middle Woodland gardening in the lower Illinois River Valley
    Stone tool production in the Medio periphery : analysis of debitage from the 76 draw site (LA 156980)
    A stroll through the park: evaluating the usefulness of phytolith and starch remains found on medieval sherds from Wicken, Northamptonshire, England
    Support for breastfeeding mothers and determinants of long-term breastfeeding in the United States
    To die so far from Dixie : modeling epidemic dysentery in a Civil War prison camp
    Traditional kinship structures and European-derived diseases at Mission San Diego, California : a study of the 1805-1806 measles epidemic
    Traditional storytelling as descendant-leaving strategy: ancestral prescriptions for proper kinship and revenge in William Shakespeare's Hamlet
    Treatment and transmission factors affecting tuberculosis incidence in the emerging economies of the post-Soviet Baltic republics, 1989-2009
    Understanding and defining ethnic identity: Ahiska/Meskhetian Turks in a Midwestern American city
    The validity of morphological features and osteological markers in reconstructing habitual activities
    Why Humans Do What They Do: Interdisciplinary Research on Decision Making at the University of Missouri
    Why Humans Do What They Do: Interdisciplinary Research on Realistic Decision Making