• Convergence of an infinite series 

    Hamlin, Truman Leigh (University of Missouri, 1902)
    This thesis gives some of the more important tests for the convergence of an infinite series; also the conditions that must be fulfilled in order that certain operations and transformations may be applied to an infinite series.
  • Convergence of infinite series 

    Moore, Carl Manford (University of Missouri, 1900)
    We shall define an infinite series as a succession of series formed after sum definite law. Most generally the series are actual numbers or are at least regarded as constraints, and we are concerned with their sum. There ...
  • Foundations of geometry 

    Gladney, Andrew Gaston (University of Missouri, 1901)
    Geometry has been called the science of in-direct measurement, and as such is founded on certain definitions, postulates, and some assumptions or axioms which are said to be self-evident. It is a physical science idealized. ...
  • Geometry of four dimensions 

    Ingold, Louis, b. 1872 (University of Missouri, 1902)
    In this thesis a brief outline of Four Dimensional Geometry, as far as the classification of quadrics, is attempted.
  • Singular solutions of differential equations of the first order 

    Fleet, Robert Ryland (University of Missouri, 1900)
    A differential equation may be formed from all algebraic equations by the elimination of the arbitrary constants between the latter and its derivatives. The number of derivations being equal to the number of arbitrary ...