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    The American musical stage as a site of utopian possibilities : subversive representations of race and gender in Violet and Caroline, or change [1]
    Becoming a feminist director in the academy [1]
    Birds and backs : a scholarly exploration of writing, performance, and body image [1]
    Bodily difference, interdependence, and toxic half-lives : representations of disability in D.W. Gregorys Dirty Pictures, The Good Daughter, and Radium Girls [1]
    The changing face of American theatre : colorblind and uni-racial casting at the New York Shakespeare Festival under the direction of Joseph Papp [1]
    Conducting a pedagogy : the influence of Maria Irene Fornes's teaching and the Padua Hills Playwright Workshop and Festival on three contemporary women playwrights [1]
    Connections and confluences : the personal and artistic journeys in the writing of Survival dance [1]
    Coriolanus versus the warrior women : a dramaturgical analysis of an adaptation of Shakespeare's play [1]
    Cover (a play about trafficking) the power of creating performative auto/ethnographies in a theatre community [1]
    Developing a sustainable business model for theatres : a case study of Kansas City's Starlight Theatre [1]
    Devising and collective organization in the San Francisco mime troupe's history [1]
    Do my eyes deceive me?: “Acts of Sight” in Naomi Iizuka's Polaroid Stories, Concerning Strange Devices From the Distant West, War of the Worlds, and Good Kids [1]
    Dramatic conflict : exploring interactive theatre as a pedagogical tool for addressing issues of heterosexism in the educational system [1]
    The driving forces of cranial extra-axial space morphology: age, sex, and drugs [1]
    An exploratory and descriptive inquiry into the relationship between the goals of general education and disciplinary content in acting for non-majors courses in colleges and universities in the United States [1]
    Figure of fun : gender, performance, and popular entertainment in the theatrical career of Trixie Friganza, 1889-1940 / [1]
    The first year : an autoethnography of the Troubling Violence Performance Project [1]
    From Hattie to Halle : an autoethnographic exploration of a black actress performing weight loss [1]
    From Stonewall to millennium : Lesbian representation in three representative Late 20th-century plays by American women. [1]
    Harmonizing with the cosmos : a critical analysis of cosmic symbolism in musical theatre [1]