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    Feed additives affect pork quality and shelf-life from pigs fed ethanol co-products and pork subject to three storage methods [1]
    Feed intake component of fescue toxicosis during short-term exposure to thermoneutral and heat stress conditions [1]
    Feeding a world of six billion [1]
    Feedlot cattle response to rumen undegradable protein and diet fiber level of high concentrate diets [1]
    Ferns as a forest farming crop: effects of light levels on growth and frond quality of selected speicies with potential in Missouri [1]
    Fertilizer and Fuel Outlook for Fall 2005 [1]
    Fertilizer and Fuel Outlook for Fall 2006 [1]
    Fertilizer and Fuel Outlook for Spring 2005 [1]
    Fertilizer and Fuel Outlook for Spring 2006 [1]
    Fertilizer and Fuel Prices and Cost of Production [1]
    Fertilizer effects on soil pH, soil nutrients, and nutrient uptake in swamp white and pin oak seedlings on an alkaline Missouri River bottomland [1]
    Fertilizer Use in Southern Missouri [1]
    A fiber-optic confocal scanner for scattering tissue [1]
    Fibrous soy protein meat analog from low moisture twin-screw extrusion [1]
    Field crops research in southeast Missouri 1960 [1]
    Financial Analysis of Missouri Broiler-Beef Farms [1]
    Financial Impact of Proposed CAFO Regulations on Representative Broiler Farms [1]
    Financing of Regional Biotechnology Regulations: Lessons from West Africa [1]
    Finding Solutions to Ethical Problems in Agriculture [1]
    Fire effects and litter accumulation dynamics in a montane longleaf pine ecosystem [1]