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    Financial Impact of Proposed CAFO Regulations on Representative Broiler Farms
    Financing of Regional Biotechnology Regulations: Lessons from West Africa
    Finding Solutions to Ethical Problems in Agriculture
    Fire effects and litter accumulation dynamics in a montane longleaf pine ecosystem
    Fire risk assessment of the western portion of the central hardwoods forest region
    The firm, uncertainty, and entrepreneurship
    Flourescent molecular rotors as mechanosensors in biofluids
    Foaming properties of whey protein isolate and [lambda]-carrageenan mixed systems
    Focus Group Reactions to Genetically Modified Food Labels
    Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute - University of Missouri August 2010 Baseline Update for United States Agricultural Markets
    Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute - University of Missouri United States Biofuels, Corn Processing, Distillers Grains, Fats, Switchgrass, and Corn Stover Model Documentation
    Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute analysis of Common Agricultural Policy reform in the Agenda 2000 final decisions
    Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute Analysis of the Flexible Fallow Program
    Food as a source of health enhancing compounds
    Food Fight: The International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science, and Technology for Development
    Food nutrients required for maintenance of brood sows and for growth of pigs to weaning time
    Food Safety Concerns and Biotechnology: Consumers' Attitudes to Genetically Modified Products in Urban China
    Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008: Preliminary Analysis of Selected Provisions
    For a Sustainable Agriculture, We Need More Adam Smith, Not Less
    For the Approval Process of GMOs: The Japanese Case