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    Farm-level production effects related to the adoption of genetically modified cotton for pest management
    Farmer Experience with Weed Resistance to Herbicides in Cotton Production
    Farmers’ Interest in Growing GM Crops in the UK, in the Context of a Range of On-farm Coexistence Issues
    Farmers’ Perceptions of Biopharming
    Farms Impacted by Payment Limitations on Loan Deficiency Payments and Marketing Loan Gains
    Fatty acid variation between forage species and within populations and fatty acid content of beef finished on pasture with different forage species
    Fear and Hope over the Third Generation of Agricultural Biotechnology: Analysis of Public Response in the Federal Register
    Fearing Fear: Communication about Agricultural Biotechnology
    The feasibility co-firing biomass for electricity in Missouri
    Feed additives affect pork quality and shelf-life from pigs fed ethanol co-products and pork subject to three storage methods
    Feed intake component of fescue toxicosis during short-term exposure to thermoneutral and heat stress conditions
    Feeding a world of six billion
    Feedlot cattle response to rumen undegradable protein and diet fiber level of high concentrate diets
    Ferns as a forest farming crop: effects of light levels on growth and frond quality of selected speicies with potential in Missouri
    Fertilizer and Fuel Outlook for Fall 2005
    Fertilizer and Fuel Outlook for Fall 2006
    Fertilizer and Fuel Outlook for Spring 2005
    Fertilizer and Fuel Outlook for Spring 2006
    Fertilizer and Fuel Prices and Cost of Production
    Fertilizer effects on soil pH, soil nutrients, and nutrient uptake in swamp white and pin oak seedlings on an alkaline Missouri River bottomland