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    Function of abscisic acid in maintenance of maize primary root growth under water deficit
    Functional analysis of drought responsive soybean GmNAC003 and GmNAC004 transcription factors in lateral root development in arabidopsis
    Functional and structural modifications associated with hypertension, obesity and diabetes in the resistance vasculature
    The functional approach to volunteerism in organizational volunteers
    Functional characterization of the Arabidopsis disease resistance gene RPS4
    Functional foods: technical, institutional and market innovation
    Functional study of Kcv potassium channel through manipultion [sic] of individual subunits
    Further studies of the heat island associated with a small midwestern city
    The Future of Agricultural Biotechnology: Creative Destruction, Adoption, or Irrelevance? In Honor of Prof. Vittorio Santaniello
    The Future of Biotechnology in Soybeans
    The future of governance in the global bioeconomy: policy, regulation, and investment challenges for the biotechnology and bioenergy sectors
    GABP regulation of the murine GABPa/ATPsynthase coupling factor six and human glutathione reductase promoters
    Gary Stacey Podcast
    Gating of CFTR chloride channels: distinct closed states revealed by the action of AMP-PNP
    Gendered waters: the participation of women on the program 'One million cisterns' in the Brazilian semi-arid region
    Gene expression profiling of bovine ovarian follicular selection
    General consideration of the calcium and phosphorus in the ration of growing cattle
    Generation and characteriazation of porcine induced trophoblast
    Generation and characterization of porcine induced trophoblast
    A genetic approach to determine river otter abundance in Missouri