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    Effects of tomato powder or soy fiber addition and fat content on physicochemical properties of hot dogs [1]
    Effects of veterinary antibiotics on atrazine degradation in soil [1]
    Efficacy of nanoparticles in achieving hemostasis [1]
    Electromagnetic stimulation of a composite scaffold for wound healing [1]
    Elucidating the roles of the ATP7A copper transporter in cultured cells, tumor growth and metastasis [1]
    Enjoyment of trails: a flow-based study of contiguous signage recall [1]
    Environmental implications of phosphate-based amendments in heavy metal contaminated alluvial soil [1]
    Essential oil effects on rumen fermentation, animal performance, and meat quality of beef steers [1]
    Estimating the potential economic benefits of adopting Bt cotton in selected COMESA countries [1]
    Estimating U.S. consumer beef demand differentiated by USDA quality grades [1]
    The European Coexistence Bureau: Five Years’ Experience [1]
    Evaluation of agrochemical interactions and application timings in corn and soybean [1]
    Evaluation of herbicide programs for the management of glyphosate-resistant giant ragweed in soybean [1]
    Evaluation of the Agronomic, Environmental, Economic, and Coexistence Impacts Following the Introduction of GM Canola to Australia (2008-2010) [1]
    Evaluation of the antimicrobial properties and biocompatibility of polypropylene mesh conjugated with gold nanoparticles [1]
    Evaluation of the coat protein of the Tombusviridae as HR elicitor in Nicotiana section [1]
    Ex-ante Economic Analysis of Biological Control of Coconut Mite in Benin [1]
    The Existence and the Socio-Economic Implications of Genetic Networks: A Meta-Analysis [1]
    Expanding Our Understanding of Effective Entrepreneurship and Leadership Processes: An Application to the Wine Sector [1]
    Experimental and numerical investigation of biomass mechanical pre-processing [1]