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    Global Impact of Biotech Crops: Income and Production Effects, 1996-2007
    Global Impact of Biotech Crops: Socio-Economic and Environmental Effects in the First Ten Years of Commercial Use
    Global Impact of Insect-Resistant (Bt) Cotton
    Global Markets for Agricultural Products 2003 - 2012
    Global Welfare Effects of GM Sugar Beet under Changing EU Sugar Policies
    Glomerular deposition of homotrimeric type I collagen in the COL1A2 deficient mouse
    Glomerulosclerosis in the Col1a2-deficient mouse model: homotrimer pathogenesis and MMP expression
    Glyphosate resistance: pollen movement within a common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.) population and herbicide release from common waterhemp (Amaranthus rudis sauer) plants
    Glyphosate-Resistant Crops and Weeds: Now and in the Future
    GM Crops: The Global Economic and Environmental Impact—The First Nine Years 1996-2004
    GM Food Labeling and the Role of the Codex
    GM Foods: A Nanjing Case Study of Chinese Consumers' Awareness and Potential Attitudes
    GM maize as subsistence crop: the South African smallholder experience
    GMO Labeling: Threat or Opportunity?
    GMO: Questions and Answers
    Gold nanoparticle mediated membrane permeabilization of phytochemical into breast cancer cells
    Golden-cheeked warbler nest success and nest predators in urban and rural landscapes
    Graduates' and employers' perceptions of entry-level employability skills needed by Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources graduates
    Grain Transportation and Marketing Channels
    Grain yield and greenhouse gas emissions from organic and conventional cropping systems on claypan soil landscapes