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    Effect of antimicrobial agents on physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of ready-to-eat bologna
    The Effect of Biofuels on Crude Oil Markets
    Effect of bioprotectants on turkey sausage
    Effect of commercial feed additives on production variables and metabolic markers of the periparturient dairy cow
    Effect of cotton seed meal upon the churnability of cream, and the market qualities of the butter
    The Effect of Cultures and the Relation of Acid Standardization to Several of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Ice Cream
    The Effect of Dextrose and Sucrose Sugars Upon the Properties of Ice Cream
    The effect of dietary fiber on the physio-chemical and sensorial properties of frozen yogurt
    The Effect of Different Homogenization Processes on the Physical Properties of an Ice Cream Mixture and the Resulting Ice Cream when the Percentage of Fat 1s Varied and the Solids not Fat Remain Constant
    The Effect of Different Increments of Sucrose and Dextrose on the Freezing Procedures
    Effect of different marinade treatments on survival and morphology of pathogens in beef jerky
    The effect of different nutritive planes upon the economy of gain and the rate of growth of young cattle
    The Effect of Different Pasteurization Temperatures on Several of the Physical Properties of Milk
    The Effect of Different Percentages of Butterfat on the Physical Properties of Ice Cream
    Effect of dry matter intake restriction on energy balance, ruminal fermentation, and nutrient retention by beef steers
    The effect of early pregnancy and lactation on the growth of young breeding animals
    Effect of endophyte-infected tall fescue on hepatic gene expression in cattle
    The effect of environment on seed composition of tofu and natto soybean cultivars
    Effect of fat mimetics on the headspace release of five strawberry flavor compounds
    The Effect of Gestation and Lactation Upon the Growth and Composition of Swine