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    Health care sector clustering in U.S. regions
    Health claims and labeling regulation: how will consumers learn about functional foods?
    “Health-enhancing” Products in the Italian Food Industry: Multinationals and SMEs Competing on Yogurt
    The heart of the 20mm. pig embryo.
    Herbicide tolerant soybeans: why growers are adopting Roundup Ready varieties
    Heritable, differential gene expression in pre-implantation embryos from rats with endometriosis and their daughters
    Heterogeneous Capital, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Organization
    High throughput profiling of transcription factors involved in soybean root growth under water deficit
    High-throughput genomics and the Sword of Damocles
    Hiring and Managing Farm Labor
    A histological study of the marsupium of the unionidae
    Historical landscape interactions and patterns of invasion by subterranean termites (Isoptera: Reticulitermes) in subdivisions of different ages
    Historical, landscape and resource influences on the coccinellid community in Missouri
    Horses as Sources of Proprietary Information: Commercialization, Conservation, and Compensation Pursuant to the Convention on Biological Diversity
    House and Senate Farm Bills: a Comparative Study
    How are drugs designed?
    How communication impacts network structure and access to community social capital
    How Distorting Policies Can Affect Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: The Case of Biogas Production in the Po Valley (Italy)
    How do Brazil's mandated blending requirement and world crude oil price affect international markets
    How External Political-Economic Forces Affect Firms' Attitudes Toward the Industrial Use of Genetically Modified Organisms: An Analysis in the South Korean Context