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    Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Characteristics and Importance to Climatic Uncertainty [1]
    Indirect land use change: a second-best solution to a first-class problem [1]
    Industry Consolidation, Public Attitude and the Future of Plant Biotechnology in Europe [1]
    An Industry Perspective of All-native and Transgenic Potatoes [1]
    Inequality and GM Crops: A Case-Study of Bt Cotton in India [1]
    Influence of Air Temperature on the Stability of Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (CMS) in Maize (Zea mays L.) [1]
    The influence of breeding young swine upon the parents, the offspring and the breed [1]
    Influence of characters of ear and kernel upon the germination of maize [1]
    Influence of diet, production traits, blood hormones and metabolites, and mitochondrial complex protein concentrations on residual feed intake in beef cattle [1]
    Influence of economic restructuring on rural Missouri high school dropout rates [1]
    Influence of herbicide applications and common pasture weeds on total forage yield and nutritive values in tall fescue pastures and hayfields in Missouri [1]
    Influence of herbicide programs, weed height, and glufosinate and 2,4-D combinations on weed management in soybean resistant to 2,4-D [1]
    Influence of herbicides application on weed and tall fescue management and grazing distribution in Missouri pastures [1]
    Influence of Manganese and Other Micronutrients On Soybean Yield and Seed Quality [1]
    Influence of Missouri River on Power Plants and Commodity Crop Prices [1]
    The Influence of Scientists, Agricultural Advisors, and Farmers on Innovative Agrobiotechnology [1]
    Influence of seasonal environment, top and bottom deck transport, transport duration, and time in lairage on overall pork quality and blood serum cortisol concentrations of market hogs [1]
    Influence of some external conditions upon infection of hosts with powdery mildews [1]
    Influence of streambed substrate type and watershed properties on seston algal abundance [1]
    Influence of subclinical hypocalcemia on plasma biochemical parameters, liver histologic changes, and common postpartum diseases in dairy cows [1]