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    Imaging 2D Optical Diffuse Reflectance in Skeletal Muscle
    Imaging Obscured Subsurface Inhomogeneity Using Laser Speckle
    Immigration and farm labor: challenges and opportunities
    Immune Mediators of Murine Lyme Arthritis
    The impact analysis of structural change in Korean agriculture with respect to the Korean-United States free trade agreement: dynamic simultaneous equation model approach
    An impact analysis on how biodiesel demand affects the fats and oils market
    Impact of a Lock Failure on Commodity Transportation on the Mississippi or Illinois Waterway
    Impact of alternate host phenology amd alternate hose-transgenic corn interactions on the Western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
    Impact of Alternative Pooling Arrangements Under the Dairy Provisions of the Senate Agriculture Committee Farm Bill
    Impact of aphids species and barley yellow dwarf virus on soft red winter wheat
    Impact of Biotech Grains on Market Structure and Societal Welfare
    The Impact of Bt Crops on the Developing World
    The impact of corn rootworm protected biotechnology traits in the United States
    The impact of environmental changes on park use and crossing behaviors in an underserved Columbia, MO neighborhood
    The impact of external knowledge on patent production among SBIR winners
    The impact of fuel ethanol on motor gasoline market: modeling through a system of structural equations
    Impact of genetically modified maize on smallholder risk in South Africa
    Impact of grazing stockpiled tall fescue of lactating beef cows
    Impact of Intellectual Property Rights in the Seed Sector on Crop Yield Growth and Social Welfare: A Case Study Approach
    The impact of lecture capture on academic performance