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    Monte Carlo Model for Studying the Effects of Melanin Concentrations on Retina Light Absorption
    Morphologic and histologic comparisons between in vivo and nuclear transfer derived porcine embryos
    Motivation for enrolling in school-based agricultural education expressed by CAFNR freshmen students
    Motivational differences between self-reported user groups of the MKT Nature and Fitness Trail
    Motivations and sensation seeking behind recreational storm chasers in the United States
    Movement, habitat use, and spawning characteristics of flathead and blue catfish on the lower Missouri River and tributaries
    MTR and the EU Commission Proposal for the WTO: - An analysis of their effect on the EU and Irish agricultural sector
    MU Neurobehavioral Core Facility: Progressing from Molecules to Behavior
    MU Translational Neuroscience Center: Progressing from Molecules to Behavior
    Mu-synthesis controller design for temperature control of a solar steam gasifier with uncertainty modeling and robust analysis
    Mueller Matrix Decomposition of Diffuse Reflectance Imaging in Skeletal Muscle
    A multi-configuration evaluation of the soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) in a mixed land use watershed in the central U.S.A.
    A multi-dimensional investigation into the effects of flooding on the physical, chemical and biotic properties of riparian soils
    Multi-frequency electrical impedance method for detection of viable micro-organisms, their quantification and their characterization
    Multi-scale factors influencing detection, site occupancy and resource use by foraging bats in the Ozark Highlands of Missouri
    Multi-scale Investigation of Weight-bearing Exercise on Bone Biomechanical Integrity in the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Model (oim) Mouse
    Multi-scale Resource Selection of Niangua Darters in the Osage River Basin, Missouri
    Multistate mark-recapture approach to estimating survival of PIT-tagged salamanders following timber harvest
    The Mundane Economics of the Austrian School
    Nano- and micro-scale studies of exocytosis