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    Perceived Economic Pressures and Farmer Ethics
    The perception of agricultural education professionals regarding the purpose and current outcome of school-based agricultural education
    The perceptions held by FFA members of employability skill development associated with agriculture career development events
    Perceptions of agricultural education instructions regarding program criteria of supervised agricultural experience
    Perceptions of employers of graduates of the Agricultural Systems Management Program regarding skills and competencies needed for successful employment
    Perceptions of Genetically Modified and Organic Foods and Processes
    Perceptions of secondary agriculture teachers and 4-H youth development extension personnel regarding cooperative behavior
    Perceptions of the Impacts of Genetically Modified Cotton Varieties: A Case Study of the Cotton Industry in Gujarat, India
    Performance Evaluation of the U.S. Hog Slaughter Industry
    Performance of Tissue-Cultured Sweet Potatoes Among Smallholder Farmers in Zimbabwe
    Persistent Narratives: Why is the “Failure of Bt Cotton in India” Story Still with Us?
    Persistent organic pollutant effects on middle Mississippi River Scaphirhynchus sturgeon reproduction and early life stages
    Personality Type as a Predictor of Interaction Between Student Teachers and Cooperating Teachers
    Personality type as a predictor of interaction between student teachers and cooperating teachers
    Phage display peptides for breast cancer targeting
    Phenolics in red wine pomace and their potential application in animal and human health
    Phenotypic and genetic effects of disposition on beef tenderness and quality attributes
    Phenotypic modulation of vascular smooth muscle cells: evidence for a role of the G protein-coupled P2y2 receptor
    Phosphoprotein analysis of soybean root hairs in response to Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculation
    Phosphorus in beef animals