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    Consumer Attitudes Toward Genetically Modified Foods in Beijing, China
    Consumer Attitudes Towards Genetic Modification, Functional Foods, and Microorganisms: A Choice Modeling Experiment for Beer
    Consumer behavior changes across income levels: meat market analysis
    Consumer Demand and Production of Organics in the EU
    Consumer Preferences for Functional GM Foods in the UK: A Choice Experiment
    Consumer reactions to restaurants' post-food crisis marketing strategies: a risk-benefit appraisal approach
    Consumer response to functional foods in the 21st century
    Consumer Willingness-to-Pay for GM Food Products in Italy
    Consumers and GM Food Labels: Providing Information or Sowing Confusion?
    Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Biotech Foods in China: A Contingent Valuation Approach
    Consumers' willingness to purchase genetically modified products with superior benefit when the conventional alternative is risky, and its relationship to GM food
    Context-Dependent Trade Effects of US Biofuel Policies
    Continuing the Effort
    Contracts and the Institutional Environment for Electricity Reform
    Control of amaranthus species using dicamba as a pre- and post-herbicide in Missouri
    Control of the humus supply of certain important Missouri soils
    The Cooperative Provision of Ecosystem Services in Agriculture
    Cooperatives and Group Action
    Coordinated expression of CRTB, At-VTE3, and VTE4 to enhance pro-vitamin A and vitamin E in transgenic soybean
    Coping and Adapting to Increased Climate Variability in the Andes