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    Coregulation of Ion Channel Conductances Preserves Output in a Computational Model of a Crustacean Cardiac Motor Neuron
    Corn Amylase: Improving the Efficiency and Environmental Footprint of Corn to Ethanol through Plant Biotechnology
    Corn preparation for fattening lambs
    Corn, Soybean, Wheat Outlook
    Corporate Pricing Strategies with Heterogeneous Adopters: The Case of Herbicide-Resistant Sugar Beet
    Corporate social responsibility in the wood products industry: a consumer perspective
    Correcting Optical-Axis Calculation in Polarization-Sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography
    Cost Implications of Alternative GM Tolerance Levels: Non-Genetically Modified Wheat in Western Canada
    The Cost of Coexistence between Bt Maize and Open-Pollinated Maize Varieties in Lowland Coastal Kenya
    Cost of Compliance with Biotechnology Regulation in the Philippines: Implications for Developing Countries
    The Cost of Product Development of Bt Corn Event MON810 in the Philippines
    Cotton seed and cotton-seed products as feeds for live stock
    Cotton variety improvement for southeast Missouri
    CPLA2: key enzyme for astroctytic cell membrane phase property change induced by abeta
    Creative and Effective Teaching:Perceptions of CAFNR Faculty
    A critical study of the chemical and physical factors involved in cake making
    Crop Basis Patterns in the Presence of Spatial Competition and Government Intervention
    Crop Case Study: GMO Golden Rice in Asia with Enhanced Vitamin A Benefits for Consumers
    Crop Insurance: Background Statistics on Participation and Results
    Crop Marketing Plan