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    Biofuel Policies and Carbon Leakage
    Biofuel policies and food grain commodity prices 2006-2012: all boom and no bust?
    Biofuel policies and markets in an uncertain world
    Biofuels in the US: today and in the future
    Biofuels Role in Global Food and Energy Security
    Biofuels: Impact of Selected Farm Bill Provisions and other Biofuel Policy Options
    Biological characteristics of Katahdin sheep selected for footrot resistance
    Biological Confinement Strategies for Seed- and Pollen-Mediated Gene Flow of GM Canola (Brassica napus L.)
    Biological role of conceptus derived factors during early pregnancy in ruminants
    Biology and control of Amur honeysuckle
    The biology and control of the European corn borer in Missouri
    The biology and ecology of tuber aestivum mycorrhizae establishment in the greenhouse and the field
    Biology and management of cut-leaved Teasel (Dipsacus laciniatus L.) in central Missouri
    The biology of the red-banded leaf roller, Argyrotaenia velutinana (Wlkr.), in Missouri with notes on its natural control
    Biology, ecology, and taxonomy of insects infesting acorns
    Biomarker assessment for detection of joint pathology in horses and evaluation of the nutritional supplement Steadfast equine as a therapeutic
    Biomass production of five populus clones, soil carbon and soil water content in a central Missouri floodplain
    Biopharming and the Food System: Examining the Potential Benefits and Risks
    Biophysical and photobiological modulations of cellular pathways in Alzheimer's disease
    Biophysical studies of protein dynamics