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    Biopharming and the Food System: Examining the Potential Benefits and Risks
    Biophysical and photobiological modulations of cellular pathways in Alzheimer's disease
    Biophysical studies of protein dynamics
    Bioproduct Approval Regulation : An Analysis of Front-line Governance Complexity
    Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms in the Latin American and the Caribbean Region: Main Needs and Opportunities for Strategic Capacity Building
    Biosafety regulatory systems overseeing the use of genetically modified organisms in the Latin America and Caribbean region
    Biotech and Planted Trees: Some Economic and Regulatory Issues
    Biotechnology Adoption Over Time In the Presence of Non-Pecuniary Characteristics that Directly Affect Utility: A Derived Demand Approach
    Biotechnology and Agriculture: A Skeptical Perspective
    Biotechnology and the AgChem Industry
    Biotechnology and the Restructuring of the Agricultural Supply Chain
    Biotechnology and the value of in escaping the Malthusian trap
    Biotechnology capacity of LDCs in the Asian Pacific Rim
    Biotechnology for a second green revolution in India: socioeconomic, political, and public policy issues
    Biotechnology in the global economy: beyond technical advances and risks
    Biotechnology offers U.S. farmers promises and problems
    Biotechnology R&D Races, Industry Structure, and Public and Private Sector Research Orientation
    Biotechnology Research in the CGIAR: An Overview
    Biotechnology's Future Benefits: Prediction or Promise?
    Biotechnology: an essay on the academy, cultural attitudes and public policy