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    Digestible lysine and threonine requirements of male turkeys and their effects on performance of male turkeys fed practical diets to market age
    Digestion trial with two Jersey cows on full ration and on maintenance
    Direct and Hidden Costs in Identity Preserved Supply Chains
    Direct Democracy, State Governments, and the Re-energized GMO Debate: Implications of California's Proposition 37
    The Discipline of Silence : Childrens' Bodies as Public Space [abstract]
    Discovery of epitopes governing MMP-12 specificity for fibrillar substrates: BINDSIght, a method for determining specific sites of substrate surface interactions
    Disease ecology of free-ranging dogs in Central India : implications for wildlife conservation
    Disinfection by-product precursors and formation potentials of Missouri reservoirs
    Dissipation and carryover of imidazolinone herbicides in imidazolinone-resistant rice (Oryza sativa)
    Distribution and abundance of anurans in southeast Missouri
    Distribution of a Stream-breeding Salamander, Desmognathus ocoee, in Terrestrial Habitat Suggests the Ecological Importance of Low-order Streams
    The Distribution of Benefits from Bt Cotton Adoption in South Africa
    The distribution of benefits from the introduction of transgenic cotton varieties
    The distribution of farm labor
    Distribution of labor and its relation to farm management
    Divalent ion-binding and thermal stability studies on rat [beta]-parvalbumin and the evidence of influential distant amino acid residues affecting CD site ion affinity
    Diversity of Macroinvertebrates in tributaries of the jacks fork and current rivers, Ozark national scenic riverways, Missouri and efficacy of springfed tributaries as refugia
    The Division of Labor Under Homogeneity: A Critique of Mises and Rothbard
    DNA methylation in the early porcine embryo
    Do Canadian Consumers Have Concerns about Genetically Modified Animal Feeds?