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    Abundance of TRIM28, SETDB1, and TP53 mRNA is dynamically regulated during porcine early embryogenesis and is abnormal in preimplantation embryos produced by in vitro fertilization in comparison to in vivo derived and nuclear transfer derived embryos [1]
    Adoption and productivity of breeding technologies: evidence from US dairy farms [1]
    Adoption and Uptake Pathway of GM Technology by Chinese Smallholders: Evidence from Bt Cotton Production [1]
    AF [1]
    Agrarian Frontiers, v. 2 no. 1 [1]
    Agrarian Frontiers, v.1, no.1 [1]
    [alpha]A-crystallin derived peptide, [alpha]A66-80 induced aggregation and precipitation of soluble [alpha]-crystallin : a contribution to age-related cataract formation [1]
    An analysis of environmental influences on morphologies and tornadogenesis within quasi-linear convective systems [1]
    Analysis of Heavy-Rain-Producing Elevated Thunderstorms in the Mo-Ks-Ok Region of the United States [1]
    Analysis of the Prevalence of CDC Triffid Transgenic Flax in Canadian Grain Stocks [1]
    An Analysis of the Spring-to-Summer Transition in the West Central Missouri Ozarks [1]
    Anthocyanins from Norton pomace and color stability analysis for use as a colorant in plain Greek yogurt [1]
    Apex and fuzzy model assessment of environmental benefits of agroforestry buffers for claypan soils [1]
    Application of natural, non-nutritive, high-potency sweeteners and sugar alcohols individually and in combination in an acidified protein beverage model [1]
    Application of Soluble Whey Protein-Carboxymethylcellulose Complex in Emulsion and Acid-induced Gelation [1]
    Application of Whey Protein-Polysaccharide Complexes in Aerated Dairy Gels [1]
    Applications of novel nanomaterials to improve food safety [1]
    Applying effective energy concept for intake prediction and balancing ruminal nitrogen and post-ruminal amino acid requirements for beef cattle [1]
    Assessment of enhanced efficiency urea products on maize in Missouri [1]