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    Above ground gasoline storage
    Abscisic acid: interactions with ethylene and reactive oxygen species in the regulation of root growth under water deficit
    Abundance of TRIM28, SETDB1, and TP53 mRNA is dynamically regulated during porcine early embryogenesis and is abnormal in preimplantation embryos produced by in vitro fertilization in comparison to in vivo derived and nuclear transfer derived embryos
    Academic Advising in Agricultural Education: Students' Needs & Faculty Performance
    Academic advising in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources: an investigation of undergraduate students' needs and faculty performance
    Acceptance of Genetically Modified Foods among Maltese Youths: Can Exposure to Formal Knowledge Make a Difference?
    Accessibility and attitudinal barriers encountered by travelers with physical disabilities in China
    Acorn production in the Missouri ozarks
    Acquiring farm ownership by payments in kind
    The acquisition of Stephens Lake Park: a case study
    Actinomycosis in cattle
    The Activities of Rural Young People in Missouri
    Activity involvement and place attachment of fish giggers in the Missouri Ozarks
    Adaptations and limitations of ring test for bovine brucellosis
    Adapting horse-drawn mowers to tractor power
    Additional Information and Data Regarding FAPRI's Analysis of the House & Senate Farm Bills
    Addresses presented at sixth annual farm forum
    Addressing Constraints to the Use of Plant Biotechnology in Developing Countries
    Addressing Micronutrient Deficiencies: Alternative Interventions and Technologies
    The Adequacy of Synthetic Rations for the Growth of~Chicks