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    Calculated Height Tendencies in Two Southern Hemisphere Blocking and Cyclone Events: The Contribution of Diabatic Heating to Block Intensification [1]
    Calculating Agricultural Use Values for Missouri Farmland [1]
    Can agricultural biotechnology make a difference in Africa? [1]
    Can Chinese Consumers Be Persuaded? The Case of Genetically Modified Vegetable Oil [1]
    Can Cooperative Membership and Participation Affect Adoption Decisions? Issues for Sustainable Biotechnology Dissemination [1]
    Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught? [1]
    Can Information about Genetically Modified Corn and Its Oil Have Significant Effects on Japanese Consumers' Risk Perception and Their Valuation? [1]
    Can Technology Transfer Help Public-Sector Researchers Do More with Less? The Case of the USDA's Agricultural Research Service [1]
    CAP Reform and the WTO: Potential Impacts on EU Agriculture [1]
    Capital Market Values of Agricultural Biotechnology Firms: How High and Why? [1]
    A case of resistance: herbicide-tolerant soybeans in Bolivia [1]
    A Case of Uncertainty In the Vertical Integration Decision [1]
    A case study of a bio-science network: the Kansas City animal health and nutrition corridor [1]
    A case study of youth-adult partnerships in the development of youth & adult social capital: SW Missouri, 4-H engaging youth, serving community project [1]
    A case study on the use of focus groups as participatory research [1]
    Cash Ethanol Cross-Hedging Opportunities [1]
    Categories of GM Risk-Benefit Perceptions and Their Antecedents [1]
    Caught between Scylla and Charybdis: impact estimation issues from the early adoption of GM maize in Honduras [1]
    Causes & Implications of the Food Price Surge [1]
    CCVJ's fluorescence lifetime as a viscosity measurement tool and its possible application as a tunable picoseconds reference lifetime standard [1]