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    Labeling Genetically Engineered Food: The Consumer's Right to Know?
    Labeling Genetically Modified Foods: How Do US Consumers Want to See It Done?
    Labeling GM food in India: anticipating the effects on GM brinjal and rice marketing chains
    The Labeling of GM Foods-The Link Between Codex and the WTO
    Labeling policy for GMOs: to each his own?
    The Lactogenic and Thyrotropic Hormone Content of the Anterior Lobe of the Pituitary Gland
    Land and Fiscal Problems in Reynolds County, Missouri
    The Land Capability Potential Index: a decision support tool for the management of Missouri River floodplain habitat
    Land dykes in the Ozarks: lesbian feminists living menopause and beyond
    Land Owner Characteristics and Perceptions in Northeast and Southeast Missouri: The Economic and Social Value of Flood Plain Agroforestry to Rural Development Projects
    Land Tax Delinquency in Missouri
    Land use effects on greenhouse gas production in lower Missouri River floodplain soils
    Land Use Experience in Callaway County, Missouri
    Landowner attitudes and perceptions of forest and wildlife management in rural northern Missouri
    Landscape and inchannel factors affecting the distribution and abundance of riverine smallmouth bass in Missouri
    A landscape-scale assessment of the response of birds to land cover, climate, and forest management
    Language and Persuasion in Biotechnology Communication with the Public: How to Not Say What You're Not Going to Not Say and Not Say It.
    Large offspring syndrome, a bovine model for the human loss-of-imprinting overgrowth syndrome Beckwith-Wiedemann
    Large-scale forest landscape model, design, validation, and application in management of oak decline