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    Objective and Subjective Knowledge: Impacts on Consumer Demand for Genetically Modified Foods in the United States and the European Union [1]
    Observation of food safety behavioral practices in foodservice employees after training and examination [1]
    Occupancy modeling of forest carnivores in Missouri [1]
    Occupancy modeling of ruffed grouse in the Black Hills National Forest [1]
    On the Economics of Crop Rotations to Inhibit Corn Rootworm Resistance Development [1]
    On the synoptic and mesoscale organization of mid-latitude, continental convective snow events [1]
    One - Two - Three Scenarios: An Analysis of Safety Net Alternatives [1]
    Opportunity discovery, entrepreneurial action, and economic organization [1]
    Optical characterization of skeletal muscles [1]
    Optical glucose nanobiosensor encapsulated in erythrocytes [1]
    Optical reflectance in fibrous tissues and skeletal muscles [1]
    Optical stimulation of quantal exocytosis on transparent microchips [1]
    Optimizing crop N use efficiency using polymer-coated urea and other N fertilizer sources across landscapes with claypan soils [1]
    Organizational Governance [1]
    Organizational Issues in the Agrifood Sector: Toward a Comparative Approach [1]
    Organizational Structure and the Diversification Discount: Evidence from Commercial Banking [1]
    Origins of a Current Conflict? An Examination of Stock-Nonstock Cooperative Law [1]
    Otsenka Vliianiia Protsessov Planetarnogo Masshtaba S Analieom Faeovieikh Tr aektorii I Enstrofii Na Raspad Blokingov [2]
    Outlook for U.S. Agriculture: Prices, Pressures, and Distributions [1]
    Overcoming endometriosis-associated preimplantation embryo developmental anomalies by culture [1]