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    Pamp triggered responses as the first layer of immunity reprogramming cells for defense in both mammals and plants [1]
    A partial equilibrium analysis of global fertilizer supply and demand [1]
    Participation in the Light Goose Conservation Order and effects on behavior and distribution of waterfowl in the Rainwater Basin of Nebraska [1]
    Partnerships between public and private: the experience of the Cooperative Research Center for Plant Science in Australia [1]
    Passenger satisfaction of interpretive programs: evaluation of the National Park Service and Amtrak partnership [1]
    Paths to agroforestry: landowner types, land use and perceptions [1]
    Pathway approaches to dissecting the inheritance of maize shoot-borne roots [1]
    Patterns and Determinants of GMO Regulations: An Overview of Recent Evidence [1]
    Patterns of Political Response to Biofortified Varieties of Crops Produced with Different Breeding Techniques and Agronomic Traits [1]
    Patterns of Political Support and Pathways to Final Impact [1]
    Patterns of Public-Sector and Private-Sector Patenting in Agricultural Biotechnology [1]
    The Payoffs to Transgenic Field Crops: An Assessment of the Evidence [1]
    Peasant Households Strategies in the Andes and Potential Users of Climate Forecasts: El Niño of 1997-1998 [1]
    Pennies for parks: the effect of social norm theory on donation behavior in Arkansas state parks [1]
    The per cent of fat in milk as influenced by the fatness of the cow and the plane of nutrition [1]
    Perceived Consequences of Herbicide-Tolerant and Insect-Resistant Crops on Integrated Pest Management Strategies in the Western United States: Results of an Online Survey [1]
    The perceived difficulties, training needs, job satisfaction, and intention to leave of expatriate hotel professionals working in mainland China [1]
    Perceived Economic Pressures and Farmer Ethics [1]
    The perception of agricultural education professionals regarding the purpose and current outcome of school-based agricultural education [1]
    The perceptions held by FFA members of employability skill development associated with agriculture career development events [1]