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    A qualitative investigation of the urban minority adolescent experience with wildlife
    Quality characteristics of ground round formulated with three fat sources
    Quality losses in market eggs. Report no. 1, Cleaning shell eggs
    Quality of eggs laid by caged layers
    Quality of life as affected by area of residence
    Quality of rural well water : North Missouri.
    A quality-price study of wheat at the country elevator level
    Quantification of cell attachment on different materials as candidate electrodes for measurement of quantal exocytosis
    Quantification of Low-level GM Seed Presence in Canadian Commercial Flax Stocks
    Quantifying bottomland hardwood forest and agricultural grassland evapotranspiration in floodplain reaches of a mid Missouri stream
    Quantifying error in vegetation mapping
    Quantifying microclimate heterogeneity within a contemporary plant growth facility
    Quantifying riparian canopy energy attenuation and stream temperature using an energy balance approach
    Quantifying stream bank erosion and deposition rates in a central U.S. urban watershed
    Quantifying suspended sediment loading in a mid-Missouri urban watershed using laser particle diffraction
    Quantifying the effects of insectary plants on the abundance of natural enemies: implications for controlling insect pests in an organic cabbage eco-system
    Quantifying urban stormwater suspended sediment particle size class distribution in the central U.S.
    Quantitative data.
    The quantitative determination of chromic oxide in feeds and feces
    Quantitative distribution of nitrogen and carbohydrates in apple trees