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    Seed protein, oil, and yield of soybean genotypes with high and normal oleic acid concentration [1]
    Site quality factors affecting Acer saccharum, Quercus rubra and Quercus alba abundance and height growth rates in young even-aged stands located in central Missouri [1]
    Soil characteristics and subsequent corn development following partial corn residue removal in a no-till, corn-soybean rotation [1]
    Soil phosphorus pools and harvest effects on soil solution chemistry in the Missouri Ozark Highlands [1]
    Soybean emergence, growth, and development following corn stover removal [1]
    Spatial cluster analysis of female breast cancer diagnosis in Missouri: using GIS and spatial analyst functions [1]
    Special Issue in Honor of Jimmye S. Hillman: Introduction [1]
    Special Issue on Agri-biotech Studies from Policy and Regulatory Perspectives: Editorial Notes [1]
    Special Issue on Agri-Biotech Studies from Policy and Regulatory Perspectives: Introduction [1]
    Special Issue on Agri-biotech Studies from Policy and Regulatory Perspectives: Preface [1]
    Specialization and the firm [1]
    St. Louis Metro Hunger Atlas 2010 [1]
    Stem cells and DNA methylation reprogramming in pigs [1]
    Structural variation at the KIT locus is responsible for the piebald phenotype in Hereford and Simmental cattle [1]
    Student Perceptions of Employability Skills [1]
    A study of consumer responses to sustainability strategies in the hotel industry: examining the efficacy of corporate social responsibility [1]
    A study of emergency management policy regarding the use of tornado sirens during severe weather in the state of Missouri [1]
    A study of explicit and implicit cognitions towards image attributes of destination country: application of the single-target implicit association test (the ST-IAT) [1]
    A study of the connection between TV meteorologists and their viewers during severe weather broadcasts [1]