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    S-RNase proteins: functional studies of the 120kDa glycoprotein and SRNase oligomerization [1]
    The Santaniello Theorem of Irreversible Benefits [1]
    Satisfaction across a multi-day outdoor recreation event [1]
    Scale and stability analysis of selected atmospheric blocking events [1]
    Scale and Transaction Costs in the U.S. Biopower Industry [1]
    Science and Technology in World Agriculture: Narratives and Discourses [1]
    Science Outreach and Informal Science Education-Programs and Partnerships [abstract] [1]
    Scientists vs. journalists?: obligations, risks and benefits of communicating science to the public [1]
    The seasonal occurrence, soil distribution and flight characteristics of Curculio sayi (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in mid-Missouri [1]
    Seasonal variation in nutrient availability and uptake by oak saplings following four nitrogen treatments on Missouri River floodplain [1]
    Second-Generation GMOs: Where to from Here? [1]
    Secretory phospholipase A2-IIA in Alzheimer's disease and inflammatory responses in astrocytes [1]
    Seed protein, oil, and yield of soybean genotypes with high and normal oleic acid concentration [1]
    Selection for placental efficiency in swine [1]
    Self-Aligned Microchip Device for Automated Measurement of Quantal Exocytosis [abstract] [1]
    Self-perceptions of leadership held by upper classmen in two Missouri FFA chapters: a collective case study [1]
    Seminis Vegetable Seeds [1]
    Sending Messages Nobody Wants to Hear: A Primer in Risk Communication [1]
    Sensory analysis of low fat strawberry ice creams prepared with different flavor chemicals and fat mimetics [1]
    Sensory analysis, instrumental analysis and consumers' acceptance toward multifunctional ice creams [1]