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    Wabash soybeans for Missouri
    The walnut caterpillar
    Wartime agricultural production and the labor and equipment problem
    Wartime recommendations on the use of commercial fertilizer
    Water and its conservation : a youth publication
    Water consumption data : C57BL/10J & C57BR/CDJ
    Water forum, February 2, 1965.
    Water infiltration and soil water content in claypan soils influenced by agroforestry and grass buffers compared to row crop management
    Water livestock the automatic way
    Water quality and soil conservation : conflicts of rights issues : report of Seminar on Agricultural Marketing and Policy, College of Agriculture and Extension Division, University of Missouri, November 17-18, 1988, Columbia, Missouri.
    Water! : talks from the 8th Annual Missouri Farm Forum, October, 1956.
    Water-use efficiency, photosynthetic characteristics, and high through-put phenotyping methods for soybean (glycine max) genotypes contrasting in carbon isotope discrimination
    Water-use law in Missouri
    Waterbird use and food availability on wetland reserve program easements enrolled in the migratory bird habitat initiative
    Watershed-sediment-biotic linkages in small streams of Missouri's Osage River Basin
    We could prevent land price inflation in Missouri
    "We didn't realize the loss until it actually happened" : a phenomenological, dialogic analysis of sibling pairs' relational talk about moving apart
    Weather analysis for crop drying
    The weather and hay making in Missouri
    Weather variability and economic analysis