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    Improving the person-environment congruence for an office setting
    In The Zone: An Investigation into Physical Activity during Recess on Traditional Versus Zoned Playgrounds
    Increasing self-efficacy in risk assessment and management of suicidal clients : training perspectives from mental health providers
    Incretin response to acute exercise of differing intensities in obese women
    Inflammation and hypoxia : novel regulators of mammalian copper homeostasis in macrophages
    The influence of organizational culture and power on status : how it is manifested in the open office
    The influence of St. Louis 1904 World's Fair on Japonisme that appeared in periodicals
    Influential product characteristics of apparel product performance as measured in profit
    Information and communication technology use, social support, and life satisfaction among Korean immigrant elders
    Interaction of exercise and fish oil on postprandial lipemia
    Interdisciplinary Approach to Examine the Effects of Lifestyle Modifications on Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
    Investigating the relative salience of race, sex, and facial expressions of emotion among preschoolers : introducing a new facial categorization task
    Investigation into male apparel disposal
    Jacqueline Kennedy's effect on women : a content analysis of her style, role, and thought as First Lady, 1959-1963
    Japanese and U. S. mothers' concerns and experts' advice : content analyses of mothers' questions on online message boards and experts' advice in parenting magazines
    Japanese parents' perceptions about children's medical play
    The junior apparel consumer : an ethnographic and case study approach examining the current junior wear client
    Legalized orphans : parental relinquishment to child welfare
    Legislating home : the impact of the regulation of small house settings for long term care residents in Nova Scotia, Canada
    The lived experiences of first responders during emergency events involving children