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    Architects and the design of ordinary single-family houses in the United States: the American Institute of Architects and the Architects' Small House Service Bureau
    The association between adults' experiences with violence, perceived social support, and health
    The Association between sensation seeking and well-being among college-attending emerging adults
    An authentic sustainable future: a case study of the Bullitt Center
    Authentic thresholds: interior design client involvement in the creation of sense of home
    Becoming Christ Cathedral : the emergence, rise, and transformation of the crystal cathedral
    Behavior perspectives on making investment mistakes
    Beliefs about intergenerational assistance following divorce and remarriage: does race and ethnicity matter?
    Between a nuclear family and a stepfamily : growing up with married biological parents and older halfsiblings
    Between the devil and the deep blue sea(m): a case study exploring the borders between work and life domains described by women in the U.S. apparel industry
    Biracial children's psychosocial development from kindergarten to fifth grade: links to individual and contextual characteristics
    Body composition comparison: bioelectric impedance analysis with DXA in adult athletes
    Brand origin and consumers' pereceptions of apparel product attributes relating to quality
    Brand personality: consumer's perceptions of color used in brand logos
    Business activities, competitive advantages, ownership types of the textile and apparel industries in China
    Buyers' power strategies and suppliers' compliance mechanism : case of Indian apparel export firms
    Buying high? : the house money effect on DC plan stock investment
    Cafe, culture, and community : re-establishing a sense of place in Little Havana's Calle Ocho
    The capital accumulation ratio as an indicator of retirement adequacy
    A case study of the GARROBO Project