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    Mobile aging: A randomized trial of mobility transition counseling for high-risk older adults
    Modality shift in design process : Understanding the rationale behind modality shift and its effect on architectural design
    Mother adolescent relationships and mental health five years later : the moderating effect of chronic medical conditions
    A multidisciplinary study on juvenile recidivism and multilevel impacts: risk factors, neighborhood features, and juvenile justice intervention
    Music and the body: modern pedagogical techniques for teaching Afro-Cuban rhythms [abstract]
    Natural building in an environmentally-focused intentional community
    Negotiating the legal divorce process: mothers' perceptions and experiences of the legal system
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    older adults developing a preference for LAT
    Older childless adults' inter-vivos transfers of emotional, instrumental, and financial support and predictors of giving to kin and non-kin
    On autonomy support : low-income mothers' parenting of young children in contemporary China and the U.S.
    Optimal selection of blocked robust parameter designs and their applications
    Optimizing vascular and metabolic responses to insulin in type 2 diabetes: exercise as treatment
    Our Own Worst Enemy: A Case Study of the Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Program in Rockford, Illinois
    Part-time schedules for children in campus child care centers: a MAUT analysis of challenges faced by administrators
    Participation in tax deferred retirement programs in a defined benefit environment
    Pedagogy of aesthetics: a study of three architectural design studios
    Pediatric nursing care with post-divorce families : a multiple segment factorial vignette investigation
    Perceived corporate hypocrisy : scale development in the context of US retail employees
    Perception of crowding at retail stores : an empirical study examining the effect of design factors on approach responses using virtual reality simulation