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    Poverty and affordable housing : comparing the attitudes and beliefs of social work students in the United States to those of social work students in the Netherlands
    Predicting Latino adolescents' dental exam occurrence
    Pregnancy intention among women with cystic fibrosis : a theory of planned behavior model
    Preschoolers' endogenously triggered self-regulation
    Prior investment outcomes and stock investment in defined contribution plans
    A proposed scoring system for quantification of metabolic syndrome severity
    Providing culturally appropriate environments in nursing homes for frail ethnic minority elders in the U.S. : three case studies of Korean-American nursing homes
    Providing for the needs of victims of human trafficking under the TVPA of 2000 : the experiences of service providers in Missouri and Kansas
    Psychosocial influences on total pain management by informal hospice caregivers
    A quantitative analysis of the effect of textile mill water quality labels on consumer purchace intention for apparel
    Racial differences in households' financial asset allocation, 1992-2004
    (Re)constructing family images : stepmotherhood before motherhood
    Reasons for low pandemic H1N1 2009 vaccine acceptance within a college sample
    Regional Production Network Led by the U.S. Textile Industry and the Impact of the 2006-2008 U.S.-China Textile Agreement
    Regulation of copper homeostasis and inflammation in microglial cells
    The relation between organizational citizenship behavior and fashion retail businesses' sustainability performance : investigating internal and external antecedents
    Relations between videogame play and 8th-graders' mathematics achievement
    Relations between youths' conceptions of spirituality and their developmental outcomes
    The relationship between insulin-like growth factor-1 and bone mineral density in osteopenic men following a 12-month osteogenic exercise intervention
    Relationship status, social networks, and wellbeing among older adults