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    The role of parent-child conversations and attributional biases in children's prosocial and aggressive behaviors
    The role of place in assisted living
    The role of teamwork in public child welfare caseworkers' intentions to leave
    The role of time preference on wealth
    Romantic relationship involvement during early and middle adolescence : associations with depressive symptoms, alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, and sexual activity
    Rural low-income mothers' perspectives on children's feeding practices
    Rural Social Work Practice: Maintaining Confidentiality in the Face of Dual Relationships
    Second weddings: a new kind of fairy tale
    Selection of non-regular fractional factorial designs when some two-factor interactions are important
    Self-perceived age and attitudes toward marketing of older consumers in China
    A sharing economy beyond the consumer : an exploration of micro-retail sharing enterprises
    Short-term aerobic exercise training in type 2 diabetes
    Six months of resistance training or plyometrics exercise positively affects bone mineral density and bone turnover marker ratios in men with osteopenia
    Small- and medium-sized enterprise owners' perception of success in the textile and apparel industries: multiple case studies
    Social skills and siblings in India
    Socially Responsible Consumer Behavior? Exploring Used Clothing Donation Behavior
    Solar adoption in the rural Midwest : the diffusion of solar photovoltaic technology in two Midwestern states
    Source of information and projected household investment portfolio performance
    The spaces in between at Orbit High : an analysis of teenage behavior during breaks at school
    Stages of change, coparenting patterns, and post-divorce parent education programming : a pre-program assessment