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    Source of information and projected household investment portfolio performance
    The spaces in between at Orbit High: an analysis of teenage behavior during breaks at school
    Stages of change, coparenting patterns, and post-divorce parent education programming : a pre-program assessment
    Storied possessions : post-household disbandment older adult placemaking through meaningful belongings
    Strengthening protective factors through parent-provider relationships : a study of family, friend, and neighbor child care settings
    A study of consumer behavior of digital media: users' preference related to media format
    A study of intergroup contact theory : using storytelling to increase awareness of lesbian and gay older adults in long-term care settings
    A study of workplace attributes : 'place to work' index examined through organizational preference
    A study on the relationship of death anxiety and the completion of advance directives for oncology social workers
    A survey of employee engagement
    Symbolic play in low-income African American mother-toddler dyads: maternal behaviors and child outcomes
    Taiwan old age allowance policy: Effects on saving and consumption
    Team communication and collaboration in hospice pain management
    A team is only as good as its people: the impact of individual supply chain member success on the cross-functional teams success in the global apparel supply chain
    Technology and creativity: fashion design in the 21st century
    Testing a U.S. Mexican cultural value transmission model of maternal socialization of youth civic responsibility values and prosocial behaviors
    Three-dimensional body scanning :|a novel technique for body composition assessment
    Traceability to farm and factory, country of manufacturing, and apparel purchase scenario
    Transinstitutionalization: A case study of two residential care facilities in rural Midwest North America
    Translational Approach to Examine the Importance of Aerobic Fitness on Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease [abstract]