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    Traceability to farm and factory, country of manufacturing, and apparel purchase scenario [1]
    Transinstitutionalization : a case study of two residential care facilities in rural midwest North America [1]
    Translational Approach to Examine the Importance of Aerobic Fitness on Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease [abstract] [1]
    Transmission of teen pregnancy attitutdes between mothers and adolscent daughters [1]
    Trust/distrust, perceived quality, perceived price, and apparel purchase intention [1]
    Type 2 diabetic bone fragility: the effects of a high-fat, - cholesterol, and -sucrose diet, exercise, and caloric restriction [1]
    Undergraduate human sexuality textbooks : coverage of STDs [1]
    Understanding nonresidential father-child relationship processes during emerging adulthood [1]
    Understanding nonresidential father-child relationship processes during emering [sic] adulthood [1]
    Understanding social workers' intention to provide palliative care in Saudi Arabia [1]
    Understanding the development of low-income marriages : investigating the antecedents and outcomes of marital functioning [1]
    Understanding the immersive experience: Examining the influence of visual immersiveness and interactivity on spatial experiences and understanding [1]
    Understanding the significance of race in serving racial and ethnic women minorities [1]
    Unforgiven and depressed late in life : the protective factor of forgivingness [1]
    Unintended pregnancy among Christian women : the influence of religious factors and educational goals in resolution decisions and post-pregnancy adjustment [1]
    Urban Mongolia : an integrative culturally-sensitive sustainability-focused design + planning framework for ger districts [1]
    Use of financial planners and portfolio performance [1]
    Using animated graphics as a teaching tool in patternmaking: a comparison of delivery methods [1]
    Using the physical classroom environment as a tool for learning : a case study [1]
    Utilizing social media to inform inclusive apparel design for baby boomer women [1]