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    Does the Firm Size Matter on Firm Entrepreneurship and Performance? U.S. Apparel Import Intermediary Case [1]
    Dyadic reciprocity in the emerging relationship between low-income African American mothers and their toddlers [1]
    E-community support for weight loss [1]
    E-community support for weight loss [abstract] [1]
    Eccentric and concentric resistance exercise induced changes on insulin sensitivity and inflammation [1]
    The effect of augmented reality and virtual reality interfaces on epistemic actions and the creative process [1]
    The effect of country of design, parts, and manufacturing labels on apparel quality, price, and purchase intention [1]
    The Effect of gender and marital status on financial risk tolerance [1]
    The effect of gender and marital status on financial risk tolerance [1]
    The effect of level of detail and navigability on spatial size perception [1]
    The effect of parenting stress on children's cognitive development: examining the variables of sex and race/ethnic origin [1]
    The effect of product involvement on socially responsible consumer behavior [1]
    The effect of the physical classroom environment on literacy outcomes : how 3rd grade teachers use the physical classroom to implement a balanced literacy curriculum [1]
    Effectiveness of Advanced Stay Strong, Stay Healthy in community settings [1]
    The effects of a protein-rich breakfast on glucose metabolism in overweight/obese late adolescent girls [1]
    The effects of adoption on foster children's well-being : a systematic review [1]
    Effects of age on saving motives of Chinese urban consumers [1]
    The effects of an acute bout of eccentric, concentric, and traditional resistance exercise on adiponectin concentrations [1]
    The effects of care recipients' companion animals on the caregiving experience [1]
    The effects of consumers' online shopping goals and their characteristics on perceived interactivity and shopping behaviors [1]