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    Daily relationship interventions : an integrative review
    Debt holding and burden by family structure : patterns and trends in 1989-2007
    Decomposing the age effect on risk tolerance
    Defined contribution plan deferral : what are participants doing?
    A descriptive study of workplace attributes : environmental preference index examined through organizational system preference typologies
    Design and construction process of two LEED certified university buildings: a collective case study
    Designated hospice rooms in nursing homes : a new model of end-of-life care
    Designing the dream in postwar American suburbia
    Determinants of defined contribution plan deferral
    Developing baseline design criteria for people with lower body mobility impairments using inclusive design
    The development and validation of the disaster adaptation and resilience scale
    The development of the junior wear industry 1926-1930
    Development of Women Empowerment index for the Indian apparel industry
    Differential effects of increasing physical activity and reducing energy intake on cardiometabolic and energetic parameters in obesity-prone juvenile rats
    Display lighting on American and Taiwanese consumers' perception : browsing in a virtual retail store
    Diversity withi n: a parenting measure for immigrant Mexican American mothers
    Divorced fathers' perceptions of parental disclosures to children
    Do market returns influence risk tolerance? : Evidence from panel data
    Does risk tolerance change in response to market changes?
    Does the Firm Size Matter on Firm Entrepreneurship and Performance? U.S. Apparel Import Intermediary Case