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    Factors influencing homeowners' decisions to seek residential energy efficiency knowledge [1]
    Factors influencing households' demand for life insurance [1]
    Factors related to making investment mistakes in a down market [1]
    Factors related to meeting the capital accumulation ratio guideline [1]
    Factors that influence ease of wayfinding in a hospital setting [1]
    Factors that predict graduation among college students with disabilities [1]
    Falling through the cracks : child care decision-making among the working poor [1]
    Family and life stressors predict adolescents' social behaviors via parenting and moral identity [1]
    Family finances in urban China : evidence from a national survey [1]
    Family relationships and Mexican American emerging adults' adjustment [1]
    Family support and prosocial behaviors in U. S. Mexican and European American young adults : the intervening roles of respect and sociocognitive/emotive traits [1]
    Financial planning and household portfolio performance: evidence from the 1998-2013 survey of consumer finances [1]
    Financial risk attitude and behavior : do planners help increase consistency? [1]
    Financial risk tolerance of Chinese American families [1]
    Financial wellbeing of Asian Americans [1]
    Finding what works : managing resources to facilitate coparenting in unmarried families [1]
    Food security, nutrition and health of food pantry participants [1]
    Framing a Descriptive Profile of a Transformed Apparel Industry: Apparel Import Intermediaries in the United States [1]
    From living apart, to living-apart-together : [1]
    Functional studies of hCTR1, a high affinity human copper and cisplatin transporter [1]