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    Jacqueline Kennedy's effect on women : a content analysis of her style, role, and thought as First Lady, 1959-1963 [1]
    Japanese and U. S. mothers' concerns and experts' advice : content analyses of mothers' questions on online message boards and experts' advice in parenting magazines [1]
    Japanese parents' perceptions about children's medical play [1]
    The junior apparel consumer : an ethnographic and case study approach examining the current junior wear client [1]
    Legalized orphans : parental relinquishment to child welfare [1]
    Legislating home : the impact of the regulation of small house settings for long term care residents in Nova Scotia, Canada [1]
    The lived experiences of first responders during emergency events involving children [1]
    Long-distance dating relationships among college students : the benefits and drawbacks of using technology [1]
    Longitudinal links between marital quality and prosocial behavior in adolescence : the mediating roles of coparenting and adolescents' emotion regulation and sympathy [1]
    Longitudinal links between maternal parenting behaviors in early childhood and academic outcomes and mother-child relationship quality in middle childhood [1]
    Longitudinal relations among parenting daily hassles, child rearing, and prosocial behaviors in Turkish children [1]
    A longitudinal study of differences in staff assaults by responses to residents in a forensic hospital [1]
    Looking at fashion through green-colored glasses : a multimodal critical discourse analysis of Vogue's sustainable fashion editorials [1]
    Love will never be rationed : World War II bridal apparel [1]
    Major life-changing events and preferred retirement time among older adults : evidence from the 1992 to 2014 health and retirement study [1]
    Making space for critical race theory within therapeutic settings : [1]
    Marital conflict and spousal wellbeing : the moderating role of emotion regulation strategies among couples in first married families and stepfamilies [1]
    Market performance and the timing of retirement [1]
    Measuring the quality of informal home-based care programs [1]
    Mediating effects of youth-serving programs on adjustment in youth with temporarily-absent parents [1]