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    Parent-child relationship factors associated with emotional adjustment and academic engagement in the transition to college [1]
    Part-time schedules for children in campus child care centers : a MAUT analysis of challenges faced by administrators [1]
    Participation in tax deferred retirement programs in a defined benefit environment [1]
    Pedagogy of aesthetics : a study of three architectural design studios [1]
    Pediatric nursing care with post-divorce families : a multiple segment factorial vignette investigation [1]
    Perceived corporate hypocrisy : scale development in the context of US retail employees [1]
    Perception of crowding at retail stores : an empirical study examining the effect of design factors on approach responses using virtual reality simulation [1]
    Perceptions of childhood as indicators of early attachment deficits among individuals with a history of violent crime [1]
    Perfect or Imperfect Match : Impact of Brand Schema, Information Transparency and Source of Claim on Apparel Brand's Sustainability Claims [1]
    Personal and organizational predictors of service provision for refugees [1]
    Perspectives of certified nurse assistants on sexual orientation [1]
    Perspectives of informal caregivers on using in-home technology to monitor activities of person with serious mental illness [1]
    Place advocacy at Snowshoe Mountain Resort : a case study of a destination ski resort [1]
    'Place to work' index : a study of workplace attributes [1]
    Possible mechanisms of metabolic dysfunction in ovariectomized rats : impact of intrinsic aerobic fitness [1]
    Poverty and affordable housing : comparing the attitudes and beliefs of social work students in the United States to those of social work students in the Netherlands [1]
    Predicting Latino adolescents' dental exam occurrence [1]
    Pregnancy intention among women with cystic fibrosis : a theory of planned behavior model [1]
    Preschoolers' endogenously triggered self-regulation [1]
    Prior investment outcomes and stock investment in defined contribution plans [1]