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    Taiwan old age allowance policy : effects on saving and consumption
    Team communication and collaboration in hospice pain management
    A team is only as good as its people: the impact of individual supply chain member success on the cross-functional teams success in the global apparel supply chain
    Technology and creativity : fashion design in the 21st century
    Testing a U.S. Mexican cultural value transmission model of maternal socialization of youth civic responsibility values and prosocial behaviors
    Three-dimensional body scanning : a novel technique for body composition assessment
    Traceability to farm and factory, country of manufacturing, and apparel purchase scenario
    Transinstitutionalization : a case study of two residential care facilities in rural midwest North America
    Translational Approach to Examine the Importance of Aerobic Fitness on Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease [abstract]
    Trust/distrust, perceived quality, perceived price, and apparel purchase intention
    Type 2 diabetic bone fragility: the effects of a high-fat, - cholesterol, and -sucrose diet, exercise, and caloric restriction
    Undergraduate human sexuality textbooks : coverage of STDs
    Understanding nonresidential father-child relationship processes during emerging adulthood
    Understanding nonresidential father-child relationship processes during emering [sic] adulthood
    Understanding the immersive experience: Examining the influence of visual immersiveness and interactivity on spatial experiences and understanding
    Understanding the significance of race in serving racial and ethnic women minorities
    Unforgiven and depressed late in life : the protective factor of forgivingness
    Unintended pregnancy among Christian women : the influence of religious factors and educational goals in resolution decisions and post-pregnancy adjustment
    Urban Mongolia : an integrative culturally-sensitive sustainability-focused design + planning framework for ger districts
    Use of financial planners and portfolio performance