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    3D Human Modeling using Virtual Multi-View Stereopsis and Object-Camera Motion Estimation
    3D scene description and construction using spatial referencing language
    A 3D-imaging system for phenotyping of root systems in hydroponic substrate
    A 750 KJ sequentially-fired pulse forming network for a helical coil electromagnetic launcher
    Accounting for spectral variability in hyperspectral unmixing using beta endmember distributions
    Accurate 3D Tracking of Rigid Objects with Occlusion Using Active Appearance Models
    An acoustic fall detection system using beamforming, source separation and Kinect
    Action recognition via sequence embedding
    Activity Analysis, Summarization, and Visualization for Indoor Human Activity Monitoring
    Activity segmentation with special emphasis on sit-to-stand analysis
    Adaptive array signal processing using the concentric ring array and the spherical array
    Adaptive Critic Design for Energy Minimization of Portable Video Communication Devices
    Adaptive Silhouette Extraction and Human Tracking in Complex and Dynamic Environments
    Adaptive Silhouette Extraction In Dynamic Environments Using Fuzzy Logic
    Adaptive temporal difference learning of spatial memory in the water maze task
    Adding intelligence to a floor based array personnel detector
    Adjustable speed drive bearing fault detection via support vector machine incorporating feature selection using genetic algorithm
    Advanced feature based techniques for landmine detection using ground penetrating radar
    Amorphous silicon germanium oxide (Si[sub]xGe[sub]yO[sub]1-x-y) thin films for uncooled infrared microbolometer
    Analog to digital converter for UWB short range indoor radar system