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    Darwin's germ: the life and times of E. Coli [1]
    Decreasing perinatal bovine leukosis virus infection in calves [1]
    Defining the therapeutic window in spinal muscular atrophy : [1]
    Development of a nanomaterial-tissue patch for vascular and cardiac reconstruction [1]
    Development of biological hip resurfacing in dogs [1]
    Development of model systems for the vector-host-pathogen interface of bubonic plague [1]
    Diagnosis, epidemiology and immunologic consequences of copper deficiency in calves [1]
    Differential Susceptibility of SD and CD Rats to a Novel Rat Theilovirus [1]
    DLC1 as a comparative epigenetic biomarker for radiotherapy of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma [1]
    Ecomorphological implications of primate dietary variability: an experimental model [1]
    Effect of colostral administration practices on serum immunoglobulin concentration in dairy calves [1]
    The evaluation of a bioactive biomaterial scaffold for the tissue engineering of articular cartilage [1]
    Evaluation of a novel bone-tendon allograft technique for rotator cuff repair [abstract] [1]
    The feasibility of interspecific rescue of endothelial/hematopoietic lineage deficiency [1]
    Genetically-modified animals: powerful tools for biomedical research [1]
    How does malaria jump from mosquitoes to humans? [1]
    The identification of a diagnostic biomarker panel for canine osteoarthritis [1]
    In vitro synovial fibrochondrogenesis for meniscal tissue engineering [1]
    Interaction of transcription factors in regulation of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) alpha subunit gene promoter activity [1]