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    In depressed patients with alcohol use disorders, should the disorders be treated simultaneously?
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    In diabetic patients intolerant of ACE inhibitors and ARBs, what is the best therapy for reducing the risk of diabetic nephropathy?
    In evaluating hyponatremia in a patient who is taking a diuretic, is there any value to checking uric acid level?
    In H pylori–positive patients with nonulcer dyspepsia, is eradication therapy better than PPI therapy for preventing long-term symptom recurrence?
    In healthy individuals with uncomplicated acute open fractures of the distal phalanges, are prophylactic antibiotics necessary for preventing infection?
    In hospitalized geriatric patients with decisional capacity, does viewing an advance directives educational video affect code status choice?
    In hospitalized patients with coronary artery disease, what level of anemia should prompt transfusion?
    In laboring pregnant women, when should first- and second-stage arrest be diagnosed?
    In low-risk pregnant women, does routine office urine dipstick proteinuria ≥30 mg/dL predict the development of preeclampsia?
    In male patients who suffer from idiopathic male infertility, does clomiphene improve fertility rates?
    In menopausal women, does fatigue indicate disease?
    In morbidly obese adults, should antibiotic dosing regimens be adjusted to achieve the same level of effectiveness compared with normal-weight adults?
    In outpatients dependent on benzodiazepines, what medications can increase discontinuation rates?