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    Is acupuncture effective therapy for irritable bowel syndrome? [1]
    Is acupuncture safe and effective for smoking cessation? [1]
    Is allergen immunotherapy safe and effective for patients with allergy-induced asthma? [1]
    Is allergen immunotherapy safe and effective for patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis? [1]
    Is amnioinfusion beneficial for babies after preterm rupture of membranes? [1]
    Is amnioinfusion beneficial when umbilical cord compression is suspected during labor? [2]
    Is amoxicillin better than placebo for adults with acute maxillary sinusitis? [1]
    Is an annual bimanual pelvic examination an effective way to screen for ovarian cancer? [1]
    Is an outpatient workup safe for patients with a transient ischemic attack? [1]
    Is anterior vaginal repair effective for treatment of stress or mixed urinary incontinence in women? [1]
    Is antibiotic prophylaxis effective for recurrent acute otitis media? [1]
    Is antibiotic therapy effective in Streptococcus-negative acute pharyngitis? [1]
    Is antiviral therapy for acute, localized herpes zoster safe and effective? [1]
    Is any single medication for major depression superior to others? [1]
    Is any treatment effective for preventing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a traumatic event? [1]
    Is aspirin effective for primary prevention of colon cancer? [1]
    Is behavioral family systems therapy an effective intervention for adolescents with diabetes? [1]
    Is benign breast disease a risk factor for breast cancer? [1]
    Is biofeedback an effective treatment for essential hypertension? [2]
    Is biofeedback an effective treatment for tension headache? [1]