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    In postpartum second-degree perineal lacerations, which closure technique results in the least incision site pain?
    In pregnant patients who are overweight or obese, do lifestyle interventions aimed at weight loss or restricted weight gain confer any benefit in maternal outcomes?
    In pregnant women undergoing induction with misoprostol, is vaginal or oral dosing better?
    In pregnant women with an unfavorable cervix who have a Foley balloon placed, is adding oxytocin an effective strategy?
    In pregnant women with depression,is SSRI exposure during pregnancy associated with significant congenital abnormalities in the newborn?
    In the obese adolescent, when should you start screening for hyperlipidemia?
    In the season for wheezing, is it 1 or 3 days of steroids? Not sure
    In the third stage of labor, is delayed cord clamping beneficial compared with early cord clamping for term neonates?
    In transgender men (female-to-male), are long-acting testosterone injections an effective masculinizing therapy?
    In which patients with chest pain is cardiac CT angiography useful for ruling out obstructive coronary artery disease?
    In women of childbearing age, is propranolol more effective than amitriptyline in preventing migraine headaches?
    In women who have experienced one or more miscarriages, does the addition of oral progesterone improve pregnancy outcomes?
    In women with SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction, does addition of bupropion to current therapy improve sexual function?
    Inappropriate drug use
    Inborn errors of metabolism (IEM): a general overview
    Increased duration of labor with epidurals
    Increased risk for pyloric stenosis with macrolides in newborns and with peripartum use
    Infectious etiologies of acute otitis media
    Infectious mononucleosis
    Influenza in pregnancy